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Costa Rica

Invitation to Costa Rica

Costa Rica meets the standards and criteria of the investors! The small Central American country Costa Rica is located at the 10th parallel, in the middle of the tropical zone and between two big oceans: the Atlantic (in the east) and the Pacific (west). A central high valley, the famous “Valle Central”, breathtakingly beautiful coastal regions, small, dreamy bays and beaches, very different climates and the “Zona Metropolitana” with the state capital San José characterize this small country with its approximately 5 million inhabitants.

Those who want to invest are not only looking for a comparison in the present, but also in the future. Costa Rica sets good standards for this. We invite you to get an insight into this country on the following headings.

Where do I get the most of my money now?

In this respect a purchase or an investment in Costa Rica does not need to shy away from any comparison. But investments are above all options on the future!

  • How has the value of my property developed so far?
  • What will my investment probably look like in 10 years?
  • For private investors, who want to use their property themselves or settle down permanently, as well as for pure capital investors, the same applies here!
  • Favorable entry costs
  • Stable upward trend in the past
  • Recognizable demand tendency for the future

Costa Rica sets standards for the purchase of a property or the participation in a property and is ideally suited for private investors or capital investors.

Income and property tax

It is particularly important to note that income from abroad is not subject to taxation. This includes, of course, the minimum income requirements set for obtaining a certain foreigner status. The founder of a company can expect to pay a very moderate tax based purely on the company’s income. The annual property tax varies between 0.5% and 1.5%.

In the case of real estate, the property tax is not based on the purchase price paid, but exclusively on the declared and registered value.