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Life in the best climate

Why Atenas?

By personal experiences at the Atlantic and Pacific coast, we know why more as the half population of Costa Rica and a large number of foreigners prefer the life in the central high country. The climate is perfect here, all important services and supplying (Offices, Hospitals, Schools, Shopping Malls, are fast attainable. By the central both situation, the coasts and the rest of the country are easily accessible.

The Central Valley is on a height of 600 to 1300 meters. It pulls itself along the mountain ranges and stretches of San Ramon over Alajuela, Heredia, San José (Capital) to Cartago. The Central Valley covers a surface of approximately 80 x 30 km. Approximately one hour car distance from the Pacific Ocean and two hours from the Atlantic Ocean. More than two million natives (Ticos) and many foreigners live in this area.


a small idyllic, clean city, with approx. 5000 inhabitants and approx. 35 km north west from San José 600 to 700 meter over the sea level.

This small town is the center of a flourishing agriculture for his breed farms and unusual Orchids. Here we find Hospital, Red Cross, Banks, Business, as well many enterprise services.

The small city, in the center itself a stately church, beside the central park, surrounded with palms. The tendency in this place is timeless. The inhabitants are industrious, very friendly and open to foreigners. More than 100 north Americans and a number of Europeans have selected Atenas as their new homeland. Besides there are many weekend houses here in the hilly landscape (Quintas) of Ticos from San José.

For boat lovers it’s simple to arrive at the Pacific Ocean which offers ideal conditions for fishing and bathing.

The places Mata de Limon, Puntarenas, Jaco, Manuel Antonio additionally the beaches in Guanacaste in northern direction how Samara, Nosara and further are well attainable from here.

The new highway San Jose-Orotina near Atenas (under construction), will substantially shorten the time from the route to San José and to the pacific coast.

  • The Capital San José is at the moment attainable in 45 minutes, after the completion of the Highway San José – Orotina (under construction) attainable in 20 minutes.
  • The pacific coast to Caldera/Mata de Limon at the moment today is attainable inside 45 minutes, (after the completion of the freeway) in 20 minutes. 

A large part of the Central Valley lies over 1000 m and therefore exhibits a cool and damper climate. The city of Atenas lies on 700 m and offer a perfect climate during the whole year. The magazine national Geographic wrote: “The best climate of the world”.

The summer of Costa Rica (dry time) lasts as of December until May. During the winter (June until November) the sun shines in addition to regulate except during the extreme months of rain September, October and November. In this time it rains daily in the afternoon, but mostly only a few hours.

Often it rains in San José, Heredia or Escazu, while in Atenas the sun shines. In the rain season (winter) the nature shows up from their most beautiful side. The whole area around Atenas becomes a flowering landscape.

The temperatures vary between

  • 19°C – 20°C Degree at the night and
  • 27°C – 29°C during the day 

It mainly feels an pleasant breeze of hills. Because of the mild and dry climate, flies and mosquitoes in this area hold themselves within limits.