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Costa Rica distinguishes itself through a comparatively low crime environment

The crime concentrates above all San José as well as in the ports Puerto Limón and Puntarenas. Here, pickpockets search tourists’ valuable objects. In rural areas, the amount of thefts is minimal, tourist victims are very rare. Even women can travel in the country alone without annoyances.

Nowadays, in the real estate and buildings are increasing the cases of cheating and false contracts. Some of the opportunities offered in real state are sometimes good and provide an attractive profit chance but when the offers sounds unrealistic is better to distrust of it immediately.

Who leaves properties or real state for a long time without supervision could find it populated or with people living in it. Who lives for 10 years in a property can claim it as own. The best is to have somebody during a long absence to check periodically the goods.

Every person who wants to confront with lawbreakers should call the criminal police. This department in San Jose has the telephone number 255-0122. They also work with special bribery cases. Raid victims can call to the emergency number 911 inside the Central Valley.