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State of the foreigner

Costa Rica is open for foreigners and without many papers to fill out

Costa Rica offers different residence permits.

While in the other countries of Central America the immigrants are subject to bothersome procedures, Costa Rica is still “open”. Particularly for people who want to leave the active business life and live in this beautiful country. Costa Rica offers different kinds of residence permits.

“La residencia” can classify you as:

  • Pensioner (“Pensionado”)
  • Foreign with outsideincome (“Rentista”)
  • Investor (“Inversionista”)
  • Informal relations (Foreigner or Resident)

In all classifications, after five years of living in this country the unlimited residence permit can be requested.

For all formalities that the process demands, you should contact an expert. With costs over US$ 2000 per person you should contract a serious and professional advisor. The annually renewal of the “Cedula” (Identification paper) the costs are around US$ 25 to 100.

Detailed information can be ordered for 25 Euro.

  • A serious advice
  • Reasonable prices
  • An extensive service