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Central Valley

In the green country around the city San José with mild temperatures lives approximately the 60 percent of the population

San José

The capital has over 300 000 habitants and offers all conveniences of a modern city. San José is the economic and cultural heart of the country. San José is the economic and cultural heart of the country. Shopping centers, bilingual schools, restaurants and medical facilities, as a well developed transportation network are available. Many Americans and Europeans settled at the edge of the city and in the surrounding places. They enjoy “the life of the country” and are only few minutes away from the center of the city. From the center of the city, four national parks, two coasts and several volcanoes can be reach within two hours.


Alajuela has about 50 000 habitants and is located 24 km northwest from San Jose. It is the second city in importance of Costa Rica. Here is the international airport Juan Santamaria. Cinemas, restaurants, bars, nightclubs invite to stay. Due to its all year round pleasantly warm climate this city is a popular place to live. Alajuela has still sufficient rural and half-rural areas for prospective customers, who would like to establish at a calm and cozy place. The price for houses goes between $30 000 and $300 000. Land is starting from $ 5 per m/2. The rents are between $300 to $1 500 per month.

Cariari (Ciudad Cariari)

The center of Cariari has the famous championship – golf course: Country Club Cariari.Luxury houses, hotels and conference centers, surround it. Cariari could be called also the “Beverly Hills” of San José. There are some stores in small local centers, also in Alajuela or in the center of San José. Cariari is constantly developed, in the next 5 years however a significant further expansion is expected. The price for houses varies between $100 000 and $500 000. Per m2 land prices starts from $50. The monthly rents are between $700 and $3 000


You can arrive in Escazù from San José in approx. 10 minutes. With its farms, condominiums, hotels and even palace-like houses, Escazú is a really diversified city. Of course, there are more than some shops like numerous restaurants, nightclubs, discos, etc. Sport-centers are also available. There are English-language schools and churches. Some parts of Escazú offer a beautiful outlook of the Central Valley. In the near future will be an important expansion. Real estates reach prices of $80 000 to $500 000, the land prices vary strongly: between $15 and $100 per m2, the rents are $400 to $3 000 per month.

La Garita/Atenas/Orotina

The main argument to establish in this area is the climate. Here the whole year temperatures have an average of 24°C. The area is a large zone of agricultural country. In the proximity is the city Alajuela. San José is from La Garita at approx. 35 min., of Atenas at 45 min. and from Orotina at approx. 1 hour. Structural projects are expected for the future in private and tourist fields because of the construction of the highway “Ciudad Colon” to Orotina. Houses here are not difficult to acquire. Costs are between $25 000 to $500 000. Land from $5 to $30 per m2 and the monthly rent goes from $ 200 to $1 500


In this area live many “Ticos” from middle class and upper as well as foreigners. Near are restaurants, bars, discos, good stores and several sport centers. In addition, the center of San José is located at only 5 minutes. The area Sabana/Rohrmoser will continue growing up to a first-class living and business district. The prices for houses lie between $75 000 and $500 000. The m2 of land is starting from $60 and monthly rents vary between $300 and $2 000

San Pedro/Los Yoses

These two cities are around the public University of Costa Rica (UCR). They provide a world-civil atmosphere in the area. Here you can find the highest concentration at bars, restaurants, discos, free-time activities and shops. In Los Yoses is the “American – Costa Rican Cultural center”, where many study native English. There are also many language schools as well as international, bilingual and Christian schools. San Pedro/Los Yoses handles the biggest study center of the east of San José. The center is at 5 minutes. Houses cost here around US$90 000 to $500 000. The land is from $70 to $200 per m2 and the rent is about US$200 for student apartments, to $2 500 per month. In the peripheral areas live a considerable number of Europeans and Americans.

San Rafael de Heredia

It’s located in the mountains over the Heredia City and is the center of a big area. Here you will find the “Castillo Country club”. Here “Ticos” and foreigners from middle and upper classes live. You can acquire finished buildings or land properties without a problem. You can find stores particularly in the nearby of Heredia. The climate is very special. It is considerably cool as in the valley top. Pine, cypress and other evergreen trees grown here magnificently. The prognostics indicate that the area of San Rafael will grow in the future to a first-class residential area. The capital San José is at approx. 35 minutes. There is a large price margin with real estates from $50 000 to $500 000. The land prices goes between $10 to $20 per m2, the rents between $200 to $1 500 per month.

Santa Ana/Ciudad Colòn

These are the areas located at the west of San José. Here native ones and foreigners live. There is already a shopping center and one of the largest malls of Central America is planned. A hotel will be in this building. Santa Ana and Ciudad Colòn are typical residences with small business activities. Ideal places for peace searchers. San José is located from Ciudad Colòn at 20 min., from Santa Ana at 15 min. For the moment you can acquire houses here in all price categories from $60 000 to $550 000. Likewise land is available starting from $12 per m2. The monthly rents are between $3000 and $1 500