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Tempting reasons

There are many tempting reasons to settle in Costa Rica or make an investment here.

On the one hand, there is the pleasant climate, the exotic charm, and the numerous natural beauties, and, on the other hand, an open, loving population, the “Ticos”.

Costa Rica has not been involved in political unrest or warlike events for a long time. The country has a generally high level of education and a high standard of living in Central America. The cost of living is significantly lower than in the US and you can benefit from great tax advantages.

The Costa Rican government welcomes foreign immigrants and investors. It strives to open up the country to a certain extend and offers interesting investment opportunities. Also, it’s not that difficult to get a residence card (cedula de residencia).

Apart from the “Ticos” there are about 385,000 foreigners in Costa Rica, of which about 4% are North Americans.

And yes, Costa Rica is and remains a Latin American country, a country with an different culture, with different living conditions and customs. It is clear that there must be a willingness to adapt to the customs of the country.

We recommend that every visitor to the country travels extensively in order to get to know the everyday life in Costa Rica. Get in touch with the local population and discover the diversity of the different regions. Contacting foreigners living here can also help you with your decision.