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Why relocate to Costa Rica?

July 25. 2017

Costa Rica is an interesting destination for both retirees and investors.

A small Central American country between the Caribbean and the Pacific, situated between Nicaragua and Panama, it has virgin forests, palm-fringed sandy beaches, active volcanoes, a healthy climate, safety, and a friendly, open-minded population, the Ticos.

The country, also known as „The Switzerland of Central America“, is not only extremely popular with ecotourists. The country is also an excellent place for people who want to live in a comfortable and safe place in one of the world’s best climate zones after retiring from work.

Are people living in Costa Rica really the happiest on earth? Hardly, there are people just as happy in other parts of the world, maybe even happier.

However, little Costa Rica managed to attract a record three million visitors last year. No wonder, seven European airlines have decided to fly non-stop to Costa Rica in the last 18 months.

Without question, Costa Rica has become very fashionable, especially with the Europeans.

Here are 13 reasons why it is worth to move to Costa Rica.

Traveling and Immigration: Tourists from the EU, the United States and Canada (among others) can spend up to 90 days in Costa Rica without a visa. The residency permit is relatively easy to obtain, compared to other countries. Once applied for the immigration authority will decide within 90 days on granting residency.

Climate: According to National Geographic, the climate in the Central Valley is the most pleasant in the world: gentle warmth, soft rain and breezes, with temperatures between 16 and 26 degrees (61 and 79 F). In the lowlands the daytime temperatures are as high as 30 degrees (86 F) with pleasant 22 degrees (72 F) in the evening hours.

Lush nature and biodiversity: Costa Rica houses an impressive five percent of the world’s biodiversity on an area of just 0.03 percent of the planet. More than 25% of Costa Rica’s land is either a national park or a protected area.

Political stability: Costa Rica has the oldest democracy in Latin America, the state system is seen as a model in Latin America. It is the only country in the world without an army.

Health System: The United Nations has ranked Costa Rica’s Public Health Care System within the top 20 in the world and the best in Latin America.

Cost of Living: with 2,000 dollars a month a couple can live a comfortable life, with 3,000 dollars a luxurious life in Costa Rica – unthinkable in most countries in Europe or in the USA.

Buying real estate: Costa Ricans and foreigners have the same rights when it comes to buying and owning real estate. The real estate tax is only 0.25 percent of the estimated value of a property, which is usually far below the real value.

Taxes: Residents and corporations pay taxes only on income generated in the country itself. There are no taxes on income from foreign sources.

Investment and business: Costa Rica offers a wealth of opportunities, especially in the tourism sector. The upper class and a good part of the approximately 50,000 foreigners permanently living in the country have sufficient purchasing power to buy high quality products.

Bank account and transfers: Foreigners only need a passport to open a bank account. In February 2017 the banks in Costa Rica implemented IBAN (International Bank Account Number) which means transfers from Euro countries to (Euro) accounts in Costa Rica are now possible.

Long Life: Life expectancy in Costa Rica is 80 years, higher than in all neighboring countries. Healthy life expectancy is 70 years. One region, Hojancha on the Nicaya Peninsula, belongs to one of the five “blue zones” in the world, where an extraordinary number of people are older than 100 years.

Beaches: Costa Rica has undoubtedly some of the world’s best beaches.

Way of life: A life in the fast lane with all the stress and unhealthy consequences like in Europe or parts of the US is hardly imaginable in Costa Rica. Here you’ll enjoy a Pura Vida Lifestyle!

Why relocate to Costa Rica?


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